Six Kinds of Healthy Nuts

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There is a variety of nuts on the market. These nuts provide people with rich nutrition. They are good for health. However, many people do not eat nuts. They think nuts are so high-calorie that they would make people gain weight easily. Experts say that nuts are good friends of people. Different nuts have different functions.

Peanut can slow down the aging process and prolong the life. Peanut is also called longevity nut. According to the latest food table, the content of protein in a peanut is as much as 30%, which is comparable with eggs and milk. More importantly, this protein is easy to be absorbed by people. Besides, peanut supply rich fat, lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and minerals, such as iron, calcium and phosphor. A study carried out by United States Department of Agriculture has indicated that peanut is capable of reducing cancer risks. In one word, peanut makes people live longer. The function of pine nut is similar to that of pea nut. They are anti-aging. If people like to eat it, they can make some pine nut porridge as breakfast.

Pumpkin seed has a different function. Except for protein, pumpkin seed contains phenylalanine, which is one of the eight necessary amino acids for vital activities. This acid serves as a transmitter between brain cells and nerve cells. It is converted into epinephrine and dopamine, which could improve the flexibility of the body. In other words, pumpkin seed is good for the development of brain.

Almond is a good friend of women because it brings beauty to people. Like many other nuts, almond is rich in protein and amino acids. It tastes a little bitter, but it can eliminate tetter on the skin. In ancient Chinese novels, concubines loved to drink almond soup. Generally, it makes skin smooth.

Chestnut is called the king of nuts in foreign countries. Chinese people say that it is as functional as ginseng and angelica. It does goods to stomach and kidney. As it is inexpensive, it is embraced by people around the world.

Different from other nuts, walnut has an interesting function. It is same with many nuts in that it offers much high quality protein, which is essential for vital activities. But it helps hair turn black. Phospholipids, which can be easily found in walnut, would activate cells and promote the growth of hair. In this sense, it only benefits people with dark hair. But it is the phospholipids that can make skin smooth and elastic. From this aspect, walnut is suitable for everyone. In addition to the above functions, walnut is effective in curing cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and neurasthenic. The various vitamins also help reduce the chance of cough and asthma.

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Six Kinds of Healthy Nuts

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This article was published on 2011/06/10